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InfoWerks Data Services, Inc.

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InfoWerks Data Services, Inc. was formed in 1996 and is a leading service provider of pharmacy data management to the pharmacy retail market. InfoWerks utilizes over 20 years of expertise and innovative technology development to offer a diverse suite of customized pharmacy data solutions to independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains. InfoWerks offers best in class data conversion services, data archiving, acquisition analytics, and more.


Best in class data conversions

To us, every job is a custom job. That’s why we offer a personalized process that allows us to meet your unique specifications. Data migration is at the core of our infrastructure and we leverage advanced technology to ensure a seamless transition from one pharmacy software platform to another with iConvert. InfoWerks strives to constantly innovate our process so your experience is pain-free. We engage with all of our customers, small and large, to guarantee conversions are developed to meet unique needs and that our ongoing services provide value.



Transaction viewer and archiving solution

ViewMaster is a transaction-viewer that allows you to access archived pharmacy data from either a conversion, acquisition, divestiture, store closure, or system purge. Users have the ability to quickly view and print pharmacy data and images. ViewMaster is an intuitive, web-based UI that provides access to all stored prescription and patient information including scanned prescriptions and signature images. You can search and filter across multiple stores including patient and doctor look-up and print all data and stored images with just a click of a button. HIPAA requires that pharmacies keep 10 years of data. You can save your financial resources and the hassle of running your old system, yet still have access to your data with ViewMaster. ViewMaster is currently used in multiple chains and independent pharmacies across the market. Over 2,500 total stores are currently archived with nearly one billion transactions.  


Acquisition Analytics

Necessary business intelligence

Acquisition Analytics provides confidence to a pharmacy sale transaction for both buyers and sellers. This service is offered by InfoWerks to provide third-party business intelligence and data insight needed prior to a pharmacy acquisition commitment. We construct a comprehensive report featuring extensive metrics around Rx sales including cash vs. third party, specific third party utilization, volume trending over time increments, etc. For example, it would be evident based on the metrics if the pharmacy is filling a majority of controlled substances, or within a specific doctors group.


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