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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™

Pharmacy System

PioneerRx connects all of your pharmacy system technologies.

Every pharmacy has a series of processes throughout intake, workflow, and delivery that work together to comprise of their pharmacy system. However, not all systems are created equally.

PioneerRx is the nucleus that integrates the most cutting-edge technologies to ensure the smoothest, most high-functioning pharmacy system within your store. The foundation is comprehensive software, which is then supported by relevant and user-friendly mobile applications, both enhanced by other innovative technologies and automation.

Mission Control Center

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is the control center of your pharmacy and was developed with users in mind. Every store requires innovative software to manage the entire pharmacy system and stay ahead of the competition.

PioneerRx users are partners in our mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy. We listen to feedback from owners, pharmacists, and technicians and take action by launching weekly updates. With rapid data entry and advanced features that are useful and intuitive, your pharmacy will see healthier patients and higher revenues. Learn more about our software and why it is the core of an advanced pharmacy system.

Strengthening Pharmacy by Improving Technology

Explore our suite of Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

Mobile Support Crew

In addition to our industry-leading software, PioneerRx has developed several mobile applications to support a complete pharmacy system.

This is an image a patient using the rxlocal mobile app from the best retail pharmacy software system PioneerRx


Elevating Your Patient Experience

RxLocal offers an entire patient portal from the convenience of a mobile application. Patients create a profile where they can access prescription information, submit refill requests, and receive pickup reminders. Patients can even engage in HIPAA compliant two-way text messaging with their pharmacist, integrated directly through PioneerRx. Pharmacy Finder allows patients to search for independent pharmacies that meet their specific needs – like yours! Mobile refilling, messaging, and searching gives your pharmacy system a modern, user-friendly step above other stores.

HIPAA Compliant Integrated 2-Way Messaging   •   Web-Based Patient Portal  •  Mobile Refills Request   •   Refill Reminders

This is an image a pharmacist using the patient consulting app from the best retail pharmacy software system PioneerRx

Patient Counseling

Information at Your Fingertips

Patient counseling is such an integral part of the pharmacy system that pharmacists should be ready to do so wherever they are in the store. Mobile Patient Counseling gives pharmacists access to patient profiles and notes from their iPad or mobile device, so that they can quickly reference these items anywhere. The notes and changes made to the profile are then synced back into their PioneerRx pharmacy software. The counseling app also gives pharmacists access to their patients’ report cards, so that they can see progress over time.

This is an delivery driver using the delivery app from the best retail pharmacy software system PioneerRx

Mobile Delivery

Complex Process Made Simple

For some pharmacies, delivery is a large part of the pharmacy system. PioneerRx Mobile Delivery enables drivers to pre-plan the most efficient route, accept credit card payments, and process information needed for controlled substances – all from a smartphone or tablet!

This is an image patients using the drive-thru app from the best retail pharmacy software system PioneerRx


Streamline and HIPPA Compliant

The Drive-Thru Mobile App collects electronic signatures right on an iPad and syncs them into your PioneerRx pharmacy software. All signatures remain in file, making this step in the pharmacy system HIPAA compliant.

This is an mobile inventory app from the best retail pharmacy software system PioneerRx

Mobile Inventory

Management that makes sense

Inventory management is one of the most important non-patient facing activities in the pharmacy system. PioneerRx’s Mobile Inventory Application allows your staff to manage inventory in real-time right from their smartphone. Log inventory counts into the app, which then syncs wirelessly back into the PioneerRx pharmacy software. The app can check prescriptions into Will Call, check in wholesale shipments, organize inventory bins, and capture pill images to be used for verification.

The Future of Pharmacy



Industry Partners

PioneerRx software and mobile applications are powerful technological tools made even better by integrated technologies. Consider including the following in your pharmacy system.

Automation and Robotics

Introducing automation and robotics into your pharmacy system is one of the surest steps to drastically improve your workflow. Pharmacy automation can increase the volume of prescriptions filled per day and give your staff more time to spend with patients or on other revenue-generating activities.


Pill and Tablet Counters

Pharmacy pill counters are the perfect first-step into automating your pharmacy system. Built to seamlessly replace hand counting in your workflow and operate on your countertop, pill counters such as the RxSafe Eyecon or Kirby Lester KL1 and KL1 Plus immediately improve efficiency and time savings. Pill counters can be used for both prescription filling and inventory management.


Automated Pharmacy Dispensing Systems

If your independent pharmacy is like most, you struggle to get everything accomplished each day. While it’s impossible to actually add more hours to the day, automated pharmacy dispensing systems can hasten counting and filling, leaving your staff with more time to dedicate elsewhere.

Robotic pharmacy dispensing systems such as the Parata Mini, RxMedic RM200, and TCGRx AVF series receive prescriptions from your PioneerRx pharmacy system, count the exact number of pills, and dispense into the appropriate vial. Dispensing robots keep your workflow under control and save you valuable time.


Multifunctional Robots

For pharmacies with an increasing prescription volume or who need automation to run without a lot of technician engagement, multifunctional robots offer powerful improvements to workflow. Automated pharmacy dispensing robots such as the Kirby Lester KL60 and KL100 or ScriptPro CRS and SP count, dispense, and label vials. The Parata Max does all of these plus caps and sorts completed prescriptions. These pharmacy robots are ideal for highly innovative, mid- to high-volume pharmacies.


Compliance Packaging

Introducing compliance packaging into your pharmacy system is one of the most patient-friendly methods to increase medication adherence. Pharmacy automation systems such as RxSafe BlistAssist and Synergy Medical SynMed are perfect for pharmacies currently filling blister cards by hand. For pharmacies looking to offer pouch packaging, TCGRx ATP-71 and ATP 2, RapidPakRx, and Parata PASS Pack automate and fill both prescription and OTC medications in individualized pouches for patients.


Storage and Self Pick-Up

For additional security within your pharmacy system, stock bottle storage devices like the RxSafe 1800 ensure that only your authorized staff have access to medications. Reduce bottlenecks at the end of business hours with a prescription self-pickup station like Asteres ScriptCenter. Patients can pick up their medications from secure kiosks after hours, or while the pharmacy is busy.


Will Call Retrieval Systems

Light-guided prescription retrieval compliments your already-advanced PioneerRx pharmacy will call system, making prescription location a breeze. PioneerRx integrates with PickPoint intelePharmacy WCS, RxMedic ARS, PerceptiMed scripClip, and TCGRx DeliverRx to enhance your preexisting workflow within your pharmacy system.

Higher pharmacy revenues are derived from specialization and differentiation. For many independent pharmacies, this means exploring specialty pharmacy. Whether you currently operate as a specialty pharmacy or are looking to optimize that business model within your pharmacy, PioneerRx integrates with several products to enhance your overall pharmacy system.


If you own a specialty pharmacy, you may find yourself in need of more specific workflow management and reporting features. Pharmetika and Asembia specialty pharmacy workflow platforms are web-based solutions designed specifically for specialty pharmacies. TherigySTM is a patient-focused platform for specialty therapy management. Tailoring your workflow to your specialty pharmacy will improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your pharmacy system.


But what if you don’t fill specialty prescriptions and are actually losing patients because of it? KloudScript understands that retaining patients is paramount for independent pharmacies because better patient care happens face-to-face. Their main focus in connectivity, ultimately keeping your patients within your community pharmacy.

For pharmacies looking to expand their pharmacy system without diving into specialty practice, ORCHID provides a quasi-specialty program that maximizes generic drugs in order to augment clinical outcomes.

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