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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™

Independent Pharmacy Podcast


Independent Pharmacy Podcast


Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast

Fuel Your Passion for Pharmacy

We are on a mission. A mission to save and revitalize independent pharmacy. On the Catalyst podcast, we dive into current events that are shaping how pharmacists approach their patients and their business. Fuel your passion for pharmacy, one conversation at a time.

Hosted by President of PioneerRx Jeff Key with cohosts Josh Howland VP of Clinical Strategy and Mark Bivins VP of Business Development.

Beyond The Scripts

Think Outside the Bottle

Where does patient care meet profitability? Certainly not in prescription filling alone. Join host Will Tuft on a journey to learn what the most successful pharmacies around the country are doing to maintain a lucrative business. Listen in on the conversations as he takes you Beyond the Scripts.

Hosted by Will Tuft – Director of Education at PioneerRx

Michael Muniz | The Greatest Medicine of All

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how to not need it. Michael Muniz is inspired by this every day as he helps people turn their lives around through the use of functional medicine. Michael is a trained pharmacist, nutritionist, surgical tech, President-Elect of the Texas Pharmacy Association, and owner of My NuRx Pharmacy in Harlingen, TX. Our host Will Tuft follows Michael’s inspiring journey that led him to the unique care model that he follows today.

Episode 3

Tripp Logan: The Renaissance Man of Pharmacy

Tripp Logan is truly the Renaissance Man of Pharmacy. He is a co-owner of L & S Pharmacy in Charleston, MO, COO of Enhanced Service Pharmacy Alliance, Partner and Consultant at MedHere Today, NCPA Innovation Board Member, CPESN Luminary, and a dedicated father and husband. He’s always ready to show up for his family, his community, and his patients. Jeff, Josh, and Mark get an inside look at the innovative projects Tripp takes on, all while getting to know the man behind the machine.

Clips from Episode 3

Be Proactive and You’ll See the Results

Tripp Logan tells the story of a mistake turned learning experience that inspired him and his team to be more proactive. A simple act of assigning technicians to follow up with their patients led to an increased quality of care. Take a step back and look at your pharmacy – what opportunities do you have for improving patient outcomes?

Are You Networking In Your Community?

Don’t just wait for opportunities to come to you – go out and make them happen. Tripp Logan’s advice? Build relationships with other healthcare providers in your community and open your pharmacy up to collaboration. You never know what opportunities you’re missing unless you go out and search for them.


Could You Pass the Sniff Test?

Today we welcome our good friend Gina Groves, the very first pharmacy technician at PioneerRx who shaped our entire support model. Gina sits down with Jeff, Josh, and Mark to talk about the COVID buzz and innovative solutions she hears while talking to pharmacies. They further discuss vaccinations and employee screenings (a new sniff test?), while addressing new workflows for remote pharmacy operations.

Clips from Episode 2

Explore Remote Opportunities In Your Pharmacy

Throughout the pandemic, pharmacists and technicians have been on the frontlines. However, there are some tasks that can be performed remotely. Gina describes what her pharmacies are doing to keep their staff safe without limiting their capabilities.

The New Norm of Vaccines and Testing

What does a flu season mixed with COVID-19 look like? Gina and the guys discuss administering self-testing swabs, getting innovative with scheduling point-of-care testing, and other ways to get creative with your pharmacy software.

COVID Screening Beyond Temperature Checks

Are temperature checks alone enough to screen for COVID-19? As many people have been reported to lose their sense of smell, there are some new screening ideas on the rise. From scratch and sniffs to detecting reactions to bad smells, Gina and the guys may be on to something here…

Face Masks in our Daily Lives

As face masks have become a daily part of our lives, we’ve started to develop our own personal preferences and even seen an emergence of “mask fashion”. But wearing a mask has also impacted our social cues and caused a shift in how we communicate with each other. Gina dives in with Jeff, Josh, and Mark to see how innovation may be necessary to better adjust to our new way of life.

What’s Your Pharmacy’s Competitive Advantage?

Patients may be drawn to contactless services during this time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a better experience than the chain stores offer. A personalized customer experience is something that community pharmacies have mastered – so how can you tie this into your current services to gain a unique competitive advantage?


Speculations on a Post COVID-19 World

2020 has been filled with abrupt change in the healthcare landscape and in our day-to-day lives. But are these changes here to stay? On this episode, the guys predict what the future will hold in a post-pandemic world. They cover everything from normalizing temperature checks and mask-wearing, to immunizations and telehealth.

Clips from Episode 1

Is this the end of "working through sickness"?

The guys discuss how employers and employees may have to shift their norms in the workplace. Are temperature checks here to stay? Will employees get more sick days?

Weighing the benefits + risks of a COVID-19 vaccine

The day will come when we have an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Are you getting it?

Businesses that thrive during a pandemic

The guys discuss the question: What type of business would you open today in the midst of COVID-19?

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