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Look at the Bigger Picture

Arnela Jusupovic - March 3, 2020 - 0 comments

Look at the Bigger Picture

You care about your patients. You make a difference in your community. You get involved locally.

But it’s also important to get involved on a larger scale to help progress independent pharmacy as a whole. The power of unity and collaboration in the industry brings people together to make a difference and advocate for the best interests of the entire community.

Some benefits of joining independent pharmacy organizations include:

  • Practice continuing education and learn new trends in the industry
  • Access to actionable tools and resources to use in your own pharmacy 
  • Participate in advocacy for pharmacy legislation
  • Network with other pharmacists and influential figures in the industry
  • Receive member-only discounts and offers  
  • Take on leadership opportunities and increase your impact 
  • Attend trade shows and workshops to expand your skill set

There are multiple ways for you – and your team – to get involved. Encouraging an atmosphere of self-improvement and collaboration brings value to your community pharmacy.

Here are some distinguished, influential organizations to consider joining and start looking into: