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Featured Feature: HIPAA Secure 2-Way Messaging

Arnela Jusupovic - November 13, 2019 - 0 comments

HIPAA 2-way messaging. Keep your patients info confidential. Our Messenger is safe, secure and integrated with pioneerrx

Mobile messaging is a convenient and easy way to communicate with patients, but it also walks a fine line when it comes to HIPAA compliance. SMS texting holds the risk of information getting into the wrong hands, due to a lack of controlled safety measures. Through the RxLocal app, which integrates directly into your PioneerRx workflow, you can perform secure 2-way messaging with your patients. The platform is encrypted and requires identity authorization, so you can have peace of mind when relaying sensitive information. 

Mike Matovich, owner of Stillwater Family Pharmacy in Columbus, Montana, notes how the app has made it easier to communicate with patients efficiently and safely. “We absolutely love it, our patients love it. . .And having those [messages] post right in PioneerRx is very, very helpful for the patients and for us,” he says. Matovich emphasizes the importance of adding new technology to your pharmacy in order to provide the highest level of care for your patients. Expand your pharmacy software with HIPAA 2-Way Messaging through the RxLocal app.