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Featured Feature: Rx Edits

Marsha Bivins - September 11, 2019 - 0 comments

The PioneerRx dispensing system offers Rx Edits, which notify you when issues arise that might adversely impact a prescription’s gross profit. Rx Edits can warn users of prescriptions that have the potential to return a negative gross profit, not make a high enough gross profit, or have other issues that might yield a negative profit margin. By flagging prescriptions with profit issues, pharmacies can take preemptive measures before claim submissions with the help of Rx Edits. 

Stephanie Grayson, pharmacist at Jack’s Discount Pharmacy in West Blocton, AL, appreciates how PioneerRx’s pharmacy software maintains the store’s profitability. “We use Rx Edits to lower negative remits and to stay afloat, which is hard in the retail world,” she shares. “Generally, the process in our workflow works so all negative remits and low profits go to the Rx Edits queue where the pharmacist has to override them to go through.”