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Featured Feature: RxLocal

Arnela Jusupovic - May 2, 2019 - 0 comments

Main image for featured feature by pioneerrx "Rxlocal"

PioneerRx allows for a complete pharmacy system through the RxLocal’s mobile services. Your pharmacy can engage with patients via the RxLocal mobile app, which is tailored to your store’s design and logo. Patients may use the app (for free!) to send refill requests, access prescription information and education, and receive refill reminders. App users may even participate in HIPAA compliant, two-way conversations through the app with their pharmacy. PioneerRx pharmacies may directly respond to patient questions through the Message Center within the pharmacy management program.  

Rannon Ching, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Tarrytown Pharmacy in Austin, TX, appreciates the convenience of the RxLocal mobile app. “This is a way to meet a need and a want from our patients, so the main way we use the Message Center is for communication that does not need a lot of interaction,” Rannon explains. “Rather than the patient having to listen to a voicemail and call back, they can easily know what’s going on and call if they need to. It cuts down on staff labor and improves the patient experience, as well.”