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Featured Feature: Shelf Stickers

Marsha Bivins - February 13, 2019 - 0 comments

Rather than label the price of each individual item in your pharmacy, PioneerRx’s pharmacy software generates shelf labels that ensure better organization and inventory management. A quick glance at a shelf shows pharmacy team members when an item is misplaced or needs to be restocked. Furthermore, even if the market price for an item changes, the PioneerRx POS System will still charge the customer for the displayed Shelf Sticker price until the a label reflecting the new price has been printed and placed on the shelf.   

Marcia Smith, PIC and Supervisor at Express Specialty Pharmacy in Houston, TX, just started using Shelf Stickers in her pharmacy. “One of the issues we found in managing our inventory was, if we’re missing a space on the shelf, how would we know without a label? One way is to manage the inventory electronically, of course,” says Marcia, “but if the person in charge of ordering is out, then we can eyeball the shelf and see which labels have no product above them.” PioneerRx’s pharmacy program helps independent pharmacies maintain their shelves, pricing, and inventory with features like Shelf Stickers.