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Featured Feature: Gift Cards

Arnela Jusupovic - December 26, 2018 - 0 comments

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software Featured Feature Gift Card Integration blog graphic

Independent pharmacies that dispense with PioneerRx’s pharmacy software may also manage their front-end items with the system. Gift cards are a great way to promote the pharmacy’s retail side, and PioneerRx’s point-of-sale system makes it easy to sell and redeem them.     

Ilana Holland, Director of Marketing at Whaley’s, knows what draws customers into their three locations throughout Jefferson City, MO. Between the beloved soda fountain and the popular Mommy & Me area, patrons often turn to Whaley’s when they need a gift card. “It’s nice to have these cards that work well with the PioneerRx pharmacy system,” says Ilana. “They’re just like a credit card, so they’re convenient for our customers. Because it’s all in the software, it’s simple for me to load a card or check the balance.”