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Featured Feature: Incoming Documents and Faxes

Caitlin Sattler - November 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Take your documents to the next level with the Incoming Documents and Faxes tool, available in PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology. Faxes may be received digitally, and documents and images are easily imported in the Incoming Documents Queue until the pharmacy is ready to process them. PioneerRx users may even split or combine multi-page documents, and they may assign categories to the Queue such as Current Documents, Trash, or Non-categorized.  

Mina Said is the owner and PIC at PureCare Pharmacy in San Diego, CA. He and his wife, Randa, are operating the pharmacy’s workflow all on their own with no technicians, so time-saving features like Incoming Documents and Faxes are crucial to staying organized. “What I like about Incoming Documents is I don’t have to keep checking the fax machine. It comes in automatically. It makes the workflow that much easier when the documents pop up on my ToDo List.” Pharmacists like Mina and Randa rely on PioneerRx’s pharmacy software to maintain efficiency in their daily practices.