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Featured Feature: Usage-Based Ordering

Arnela Jusupovic - September 19, 2018 - 0 comments

Need a fool-proof way to keep your inventory in check? PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology compiles a report of medications dispensed that day for users to review in case any items need to be reordered. With Usage-Based Ordering, pharmacies are notified when the BOH (balance on hand) changes for a drug dispensed that day. Items can be manually added and deleted from the Rx Daily Order as needed.

Jordan Loggins, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Arnold Drug Company in Cornelia, GA, says he and his staff rely on the Usage-Based Ordering capabilities within PioneerRx’s pharmacy system every day in the pharmacy. “Our owner is very particular about maintaining a tight inventory level,” Jordan explains. “This feature does a really good job of keeping up with what we’re supposed to have in stock. He wants us within $1000-$2000 of our recommended budget, so the Usage-Based Ordering makes maintaining our inventory a whole lot easier.” Simplify your pharmacy’s reordering with PioneerRx’s inventory management tools.