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Featured Feature: Labs

Arnela Jusupovic - August 1, 2018 - 0 comments

Expanding your pharmacy’s services? PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology includes Lab functionality to document patient health information such as weight, blood work, and hormone panels. Specific grid colors notify PioneerRx users if a lab is overdue (red) and if the results are in the low (yellow) or high (orange) range of lab values. Also, the pharmacy system automatically creates MTM Actions for patients with overdue lab results.

Ararat Pharmacy in Pasadena, CA, relies on the record-keeping functionality of Labs within the pharmacy software. Ararat offers specialty pharmacy services along with an intensive focus on HIV, cholesterol, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Daniel Feng, owner and pharmacist-in-charge, has even suggested additional lab options related to dermatology that are currently available in the software. Daniel says, “Because we are also a specialty pharmacy, the Labs are really important to us. It’s a good way to track data for URAC accreditation, assessments, and refer back to data when needed.” PioneerRx equips pharmacies with the tools needed to go beyond dispensing and offer more thorough care to their patients.