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Featured Feature: Automatic COB Billing

Arnela Jusupovic - August 8, 2018 - 0 comments

When patients rely on multiple third parties to cover their medications, you can count on PioneerRx to help you through the Coordination of Benefits (COB) process. Other pharmacy software systems make their users send each claim one at a time and wait for a response. With PioneerRx, you can submit claims to both the primary and secondary third parties automatically. Instead of holding up the workflow by waiting on a response from third parties, you will receive an accepted or rejected claim immediately.

Vip Patel, owner and Pharmacist-In-Charge at Gurley’s Pharmacy in Durham, NC, has enjoyed all the capabilities of PioneerRx’s dispensing system since 2012. Vip’s pharmacy uses the COB Billing features frequently, and he suggested enhancements for an efficient, more automated claims process. “We love PioneerRx! No doubt, it’s one of the best softwares out there,” Vip begins. “Originally, the software had a number of steps to complete COB Billing because we were processing quite a few manufacturer coupons and other programs like that. PioneerRx worked with us to create fast-action steps to speed up the COB Billing process.” We value our users’ ideas and suggestions so PioneerRx may continue to offer smarter, streamlined pharmacy solutions.