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Featured Feature: Auto Reorder Points

Arnela Jusupovic - August 29, 2018 - 0 comments

Pharmacy staff members juggle a multitude of responsibilities and duties, which is why the best pharmacy technology automates these processes for them. PioneerRx’s Auto Reorder Points allow pharmacies to set minimum and maximum balance on-hand (BOH) quantities on items, then automatically reorders an item when its amount is lower than the predetermined minimum BOH. For example, if the reorder point for a drug is set to 99 and the maximum is set to 300, PioneerRx will reorder the quantity needed to reach the maximum point, which may be customized according to the pharmacy’s inventory needs.  

Kisha Christian, owner of Neighborhood Pharmacy in Frederiksted, VI, has a busy schedule with managing her store. She depends on the PioneerRx pharmacy system to automate some of her duties, including reordering. “I don’t have to think about manually calculating my order points. PioneerRx does that for me!” Kisha says. “My pharmacy has grown quickly over the past three years, and the Auto Reorder Points makes my life easier.” Our software simplifies pharmacy management so our users can spend less time at the computer and more time with their patients.