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Integrated Loyalty Program

Arnela Jusupovic - July 11, 2018 - 0 comments

Loyalty programs are a common practice in large chain pharmacies, and the PioneerRx pharmacy management system offers this capability to community pharmacies so they can stay competitive with other stores. PioneerRx users can make visiting their pharmacy an even more rewarding experience with a Customer Loyalty program that encourages patients to continually support their local pharmacies. From the Point of Sale, PioneerRx users can manage Loyalty programs, assign Loyalty IDs to customers, enable prompts, and generate Loyalty Reports.

Irina Arany, PIC of Cookeville Medical Family Pharmacy in Cookeville, TN, has seen great success from her pharmacy’s Customer Loyalty program. “We’ve been using our program to boost our customer loyalty and encourage them to return to our pharmacy,” says Irina. Every $0.10 spent earns the customer 1 point, which can be redeemed on the OTC items within the pharmacy.” Pharmacists like Irina are using the features within PioneerRx’s dispensing system to build stronger customer loyalty and better patient relationships.