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Featured Feature: Custom Reports

Arnela Jusupovic - June 6, 2018 - 1 comment

The customizable reports in the PioneerRx pharmacy software are some of the most-utilized features among users. PioneerRx provides pre-set reports like Rx Labels and HCFA forms that can be tailored to the pharmacy’s preferences or state regulations. Because each community pharmacy is unique, custom reports can be created from scratch, such as the notice of privacy practices.

Ankit Patel of Davis Islands Pharmacy in Tampa, Florida, relies on the customizable reports within the PioneerRx dispensing system to stay informed on the inner workings of the pharmacy and the patients. He and the staff frequently send their personalized Refill Request forms to prescribers, and the ability to quickly generate the report doesn’t slow down the workflow. “We can change things around and make them the way we want on the Refill Request,” Ankit says. “It’s like having a template, and our technicians fill in the blanks. It helps keeps things uniform.”