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Featured Feature: Point-of-Sale

Arnela Jusupovic - May 9, 2018 - 1 comment

Your pharmacy’s point-of-sale (POS) should be more than a cash register. This is where patient interactions occur, so your pharmacy’s management system should enrich the customer experience. With PioneerRx, the POS is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your workflow so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional applications and services. Pharmacy staff members may easily access patient profiles, manage their A/R accounts, view Critical Comments attached to the patient, and create Prompts that the user must process when closing out a sale.

Granite Pharmacy in Frenchtown, MT, has relied on the PioneerRx pharmacy software for 8 years. Eric Beyer, Pharmacist in Charge, appreciates the various tasks that can be completed through POS. “Number one is its ability to track what’s going on with sales and running reports that are key for the business side,” Eric says. “If our tills are off a little bit, we can quickly track what happened to those. Number two would be things like scanning the driver’s license for a Sudafed purchase and easily inputting their information in the system.” Granite Pharmacy organizes its will calls with a hanging bag system, and Eric loves how the POS makes it simple to find the right bag or even group bags by family members. “There are so many little unique features that the POS does that just add up to something great!” Eric concludes. PioneerRx pharmacies take transactions and patient communication to the next level with the integrated point-of-sale system.