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Featured Feature: Patient Notifications

Arnela Jusupovic - May 16, 2018 - 0 comments

PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology simplifies patient communication with Patient Notifications. Let patients know when their prescriptions are ready with an “Rx Ready” alert, which sends an email or text to the contact information listed on file. This notification is sent once the patient’s prescriptions are scanned into the Will Call bin. PioneerRx also allows pharmacies to send notifications to patients on their birthdays to add that personal touch to patient interactions.

Since 2013, AllHealth Network Pharmacy in Parker, CO, has used the PioneerRx pharmacy software to offer quality patient care along with their extensive list of patient services. Pharmacist-In-Charge Brandee Butt and her staff use Patient Notifications to keep their patients informed on the status of their prescriptions. “It completes the communication as far as they know exactly when their medications are ready, how many they’re picking up, and how much their copay is before they even come to the pharmacy,” Brandee explains. “The patients love it because they’re not wasting a trip to the pharmacy. It’s that complete communication that saves them time and effort as well.” Pharmacists like Brandee strengthen patient relationships with help from PioneerRx’s Patient Notifications.