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Featured Feature: Document Management

Arnela Jusupovic - April 25, 2018 - 0 comments

Your pharmacy’s dispensing system should create a productive environment and be environmentally friendly. Document Management within PioneerRx is a convenient feature within the software that stores incoming documents waiting to be organized. Documents can then be attached to their proper categories, such as patients, prescribers, or providers.  

Received faxes are automatically imported in a digital format, which results in less paper waste inside the pharmacy. Many pharmacists also enjoy the security of having more than a paper copy of their faxes. “In a traditional sense, if you receive a fax and somebody throws it away or shreds it, it’s gone,” explains Joe Williams, Pharmacist in Charge at Brisson Drugs in Saint Pauls, NC. “PioneerRx timestamps the fax and collects the sender’s fax number and a lot of other details I can use to track something down.” Brisson Drugs receives a lot of faxes; according to Joe, if they had to print every document, they would go through toner and paper “like it was nobody’s business.” Document Management is one of the many PioneerRx pharmacy software features that save pharmacists from the headache of a disorganized workflow.