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Featured Feature: Patient Risk Scores

Marsha Bivins - March 28, 2018 - 0 comments

Pharmacists are becoming increasingly involved in patient health beyond filling prescriptions, and PioneerRx’s Patient Risk Scores is one of the many features that help pharmacies proactively intervene in their high-risk patients’ health. Rather than comb through copious amounts of data stored within the pharmacy management system, PioneerRx users can easily pinpoint the patients with the highest risk of hospitalization or drug therapy issues. Patient Risk Scores examine 30-day and 12-month patient histories and use that information to scale patients from 0 (very low risk) to 100 (very high risk).

Kimberly Sullivan of Jacksonville, NC, uses Patient Risk Scores to identify her patients who need enhanced services and further clinical monitoring. As the Pharmacist in Charge at Doctors Park Pharmacy, she has observed a decline in overall care as providers are forced to rush patients through their visits. This prompted the staff at Doctors Park Pharmacy to pursue more in-depth patient care. “Because we’re new to this enhanced therapy management where we are taking a more active role with our patients’ medication management,” Kimberly says, “we’re hoping to catch and prevent [potential hospitalizations] in the future. I think Patient Risk Scores are going to be extremely helpful as pharmacy is transitioning to more of an enhanced medication management service for patients, especially the high-risk ones.”