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Featured Feature: Care Plans

Caitlin Sattler - March 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Staying ahead of industry standards has always been one of PioneerRx’s goals, and Care Plans is the next big advancement. This feature is PioneerRx’s response to pharmacy’s necessary movement towards interdisciplinary healthcare that streamlines the communication between patients and all members of their healthcare team. Pharmacists who regularly use MTM actions will find the Care Plans feature expands the capabilities of medication therapy management with a step-by-step procedure and timeline that can be formulated within their pharmacy software.

A common use for Care Plans is disease state management, a strategy that Sheevum Patel has put into practice at Tarrytown Specialty Pharmacy. “Care Plans are helping me to organize my clinical workflow. Our patient population at Tarrytown Specialty Pharmacy always involves high-touch care,” he explains. As the Specialty Pharmacy Director, Sheevum sees a great benefit in planning out care methods for his specialty patients, especially those with high-touch disease states such as Hepatitis C. “Getting a patient access to a specialty medication and then managing that patient on the medication often involve a series of coordinated steps from our care team,” Sheevum says. “Implementing Care Plans with proper goals allows for optimal patient care and outcome tracking.” PioneerRx is continuously releasing updates to the Care Plans feature to prepare for full implementation.