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Morris & Dickson Celebrates 175 Years

Caitlin Sattler - July 20, 2016 - 0 comments

Shreveport, LA – On Saturday, July 16, 2016, PioneerRx celebrated its parent company’s 175th Anniversary. Morris & Dickson Co., LLC, commemorated the day with its family, friends, employees, and customers at their annual M.A.D. Days event.

Morris & Dickson began as Morris and Co., named for brothers John and Thomas Morris, in 1841 as a local apothecary in Shreveport, Louisiana. Later, Dr. Samuel Dickson and his brother partnered with the Morris brothers, and Morris & Dickson Co., LLC has since been an integral part of Shreveport’s history.

The 175th Anniversary celebration began with a trade show and expo at Shreveport’s Convention Center. Morris and Dickson employees had the chance to network with customers and vendors, including PioneerRx pharmacists. PioneerRx’s Jeff Key and Josh Howland were able to share their perspective of independent pharmacy and its services with Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, whose political focus is healthcare.

The Morris & Dickson family and employees gathered at Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium for dinner and “Music Through the Centuries.” Louisiana Congressman John Fleming expressed his appreciation for the company’s history. “Everything this company does aligns with small family business,” said Fleming.  Paul Dickson, President of Morris & Dickson, expressed his gratitude to his guests. “Our employees, our coworkers, and our customers made this company and carried this company for 175 years, and they will carry it another 175 years into the future.”

About PioneerRx

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About Morris & Dickson

Morris & Dickson Co., LLC is a full-line distributor of brand, generic, and specialty pharmaceuticals servicing the needs of independent retail pharmacies, regional chain pharmacies, alternate care entities and health systems. We also carry over-the-counter and home health products. We are committed to excellence in providing the key elements of supply chain management. For more information, go to